Needed soothing, stimulation & better concentration are the key guidelines for the chairs, while the convenience and flexibility are the backbone of the table design. Although based on extreme sensory needs, this kind of furniture positively influence the development and the current mood of each child.

Our inclusive approach to design takes into account different sensory needs with the use of therapeutic principles of sensory integration. This way, the environment is equally stimulating and entertaining for all children, regardless of whether they have difficulty in sensory processing or not.


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Mia chair

Who is it for?
Everyone can use it, but it is primarily for children who are sensory sensitive - both active and passive in their behavioral response to environment.

What does it do?
The non-fixed fabric seat allows gentle rocking which helps with concentration, and acts calming by providing deep pressure soothing. If feeling overwhelmed, the child can pull up the „cocoon“ and partly isolate itself.

Cufi desk

Who is it for?
For everybody.

What does it do?
Cufi is a worktable which, along with the MIA & IKA chairs creates a more fun sitting, learning & listening unit. Its adjustable tabletop offers shorter viewing angle needed for healthier body position during writing, drawing and reading. The panel also serves as a write & erase whiteboard, storage, a book stand or whatever you can think of.

Ika chair

Who is it for?
Everyone can use it, but but it is primarily for children who need a lot of stimulation, and are active or passive in their behavioral response to environment.

What does it do?
It not only allows movement, but encourages constant rocking and bouncing, which has a positive influence on learning. Its swinging soft seat is fun for all children, but primarily made for boosting concentration and memory ability with kids who need a lot of stimulation in order to function well.