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sensory kids’ furniture

Let’s revolutionise kids’ surroundings so they’re more fun & supportive for all

Considering different ways children interact with the environment is our starting point for designing furniture more attuned to their sensory needs. We strive to help create a more dynamic, encouraging and enjoyable spaces that are truly inclusive.

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not your typical chairs

Ika & Mia chairs are enjoyable & fun, they help with emotional regulation and aid concentration & memory skills

Developing the products, we made sure to consider all of the principles we find important, such as:

Using natural & hi-tech materials
Solid ash wood, 3D mesh fabric, aluminum
Testing & certification
OEKO-TEX® 100 & FSC certificates
EU tests for strength, durability, safety and stability
Setting up an eco-friendly production
Minimal production waste
Completely recyclable
Made from sustainable materials
Long lasting value
Following contemporary design aesthetics
Precise technology & manual finishing

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Ika swing chair

Ika’s non-fixed seat not only allows kids to move, but encourages constant rocking and bouncing. This has been proven to act calmingly & help with concentration. Ika is fun, but what’s even more important, it supports kids when they need a little boost or a moment to enjoy some playful fidgeting.

Two sizes: small (1-8 years) and big (6-13 years)
Two colours: candy pink & cool gray

Photos by   Marija Gasparovic

Mia hoodie chair

Mia’s fabric seat is fun and charming. It hugs kids and offers mild deep-pressure soothing which boosts serotonin levels and helps with stress. What’s more, if the child feels overwhelmed, he can pull up the cocoon and partly isolate himself, hoodie style.

Two sizes: small (1-8 years) and big (6-13 years)
Two colours: candy pink & cool gray