Photos by   Rio van der Oest
Tink Things sensory furniture 42 (Photo by Rio van der Oest).jpg

not your typical chairs

Ika & Mia chairs are enjoyable & fun, they help with emotional regulation and aid concentration & memory skills

Developing the products, we made sure to consider all of the principles we find important, such as:

Using natural & hi-tech materials
Solid ash wood, 3D mesh fabric, aluminum
Testing & certification
OEKO-TEX® 100 & FSC certificates
EU tests for strength, durability, safety and stability
Setting up an eco-friendly production
Minimal production waste
Flat pack packaging (reduced carbon footprint)
Completely recyclable
Made from sustainable materials
Long lasting value (1 - 13 years)
Following contemporary design aesthetics
Precise CNC technology & manual finishing

Tink Things sensory furniture 4 (Photo by Marija Gasparovic).jpg

Ika swing chair

Ika’s non-fixed seat not only allows kids to move, but encourages constant rocking and bouncing. This has been proven to act calmingly & help with concentration. Ika is fun, but what’s even more important, it supports kids when they need a little boost or a moment to enjoy some playful fidgeting.

Sizes: small (1-8 years) and big (6-13 years)

Photos by   Marija Gasparovic

Mia hoodie chair

Mia’s fabric seat is fun and charming. It hugs kids and offers mild deep-pressure soothing which boosts serotonin levels and helps with stress. What’s more, if the child feels overwhelmed, he can pull up the cocoon and partly isolate himself, hoodie style.

Sizes: small (1-8 years) and big (6-13 years)